Hi, I'm Dianna. I came from a printing and photography background. I've been in the industry 35 years; to say I've seen a few changes is an understatement for sure. Hot Shots came about 17 years ago, when I purchased a camera and printing shop. I expanded the business by offering bespoke framing services, as I previously learnt the trade when I was working part time when Olivia and Dylan, our two children, were little.
I'm your go to person here for all things printed, photo shopped, and framed. 
In my free time I like doing yoga classes, kayaking, walking Dexter, hanging at the beach, photography, relaxing, and watching Netflix. I have a passion for searching and curating new art. I feel so lucky to be in this industry, as it doesn't feel like just a job. It's very exciting to be surrounded by art every day, whether it's on our gallery walls, or artwork that our customers bring to us to be framed; no two days are the same! 
Greetings! My name is David.
I’m the guy who’s mostly at the back of the shop, creating your bespoke frames. I’m also often out and about in the community, delivering and hanging artwork. It’s been suggested by many a keen-eyed regular customer, that I also spend a fair amount of time cooking and eating, which are two of my favorite hobbies, along with swimming, which is why I’m so hungry all the time. I love most all activities that involve being in nature; trekking, kayaking, camping, just to name a few. I’m an avid collector of books, and sometimes even find the time to read them. I’m also the self appointed DJ at Hot Shots, so if you love, or hate what you hear, I’m the one to thank, or blame. Just don’t ask me to change the music. I won’t ;-D
When you meet me in person, you’ll notice an accent. I’m native to Northern California, where I was a diver and aquarist for San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay. Previous to that, I worked as a translator ~ not of novels and poems, which would have been lovely and romantic ~ but instead, toy instructions and lease agreements. It was not much fun at all. I love a whole lot more, meeting our customers at Hot Shots, and working with them to create the best combination of materials to suit their precious artwork, memorabilia, and photographs.
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