Q: How do I get photos off my phone to print?
A: Simply select the photo, choose the share icon and select email, type in our email address dianna@hotshotstogo.co.nz We recommend only sending up to five image at a time. If you need a little help? Please pop into the shop and we are here to help. Make sure your phone is charged. 

Q: Can I send you photos other than email?
A: There are a few sharing platforms we use. Recommended by us is dropbox, you can download this app. Simply add our email for sharing, and we will get your chosen files direct linked to our email for us to download and print. WeTransfer is another easy to use sharing site and this is free!                  Who doesn't love free stuff!

Q: How big can my phone photos print to?
A: If they are from Facebook or from a txt message they are mostly only stamp sized! Sometimes our magical printer can get them to a postcard size!
If you send or download the actual size or largest image there is no reason why you can't get an A1 print from the new phones.
We do suggest sending them anyway. We always check everything before printing and guide you through the process for the best possible outcome. 

Q: I have edited my photos, but the prints don't look like should. Why is this happening?
A: That is a question with a few possible curly ones. Either the filters you use in apps are a little, shall we say off! Or the screens are different, which they mostly are unless calibrated with a special devise called a spider (not the hairy ones) We suggest leaving the editing up to the expert photographers. By all means have a play, but please save the original file. We can do the edit process for you, and even do a we sample print just to check you are happy with the result. We always do this for the large format prints.

Q: How much is it to custom frame a picture I have? It's like this...(gesturing wildly in the air, as if to indicate a size, give or take a meter or three)
A: If we look blankly back at you, the reason is we absolutely can not give you an accurate quote using vague hand gestures, because not even you know how big/small/wide/narrow it is . Please help us out; have a precise measurement of the image you are talking about. It is always best to bring the piece in for us to see. We need information; what it is? ie; painting, pastel, oil, photograph, canvas on hardboard, or rolled, tapestry,  or an object for (3D) box framing?  
Do you want a matt around the art or straight around? (not always the best)
Glass options; 2mm clear float, cheapest and better than nothing. UV99 slows down the fading process, but has a high glare factor (everything fades, look at your carpets and curtains) Art Glass 70 has minimal reflection, and again has a good rating of UV protection. Our most premium glass, UV99 Museum Grade, is recommended for valued, or sentimental pieces. It has the least reflection overall, and the highest transparency, and protection against fading.  
The frame itself; Moulding (the wood bit) can range from $30 p/m up and over $150 p/m.
This is just the cutdown version of what goes into framing. We don't want to bore you with the details. With Custom Framing it's like 'How long is a piece of string?
Long story short, please bring your work into the shop for a no obligation free quote,  and we will advise you on your options.    
YES! We still take Passport Photos! ID, firearms and Drivers Lisence in our natural light mini studio.         

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